Km 70 Highway

An attraction of this region is the Quetzal. The best season to watch it is from November to May, when it is possible to see a group of 12 quetzals eating the Aguacatillo tree fruit. Nevertheless, the Quetzal can be found all year round in other areas due to its altitudinal migration.

The quetzals are not the only attraction of this place. There is also El Mirador, where you can have an amazing view of Los Santos region. In a clear day you will admire Irazú, Barva, Poás and Turrialba volcanoes.

Also it is possible to visit the trails El Robledal and La Avioneta, where you continue in contact with nature, and see small springs of water from Parrita River. La Avioneta trail is located in El Caracol farm, where different pieces of a plane that crashed in 1977 are conserved. A suggestion for visitors is to search in the cabin for a letter written by the pilot Wilton Pett, before he got lost in the mountain, after the accident.

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